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How Lyric works

Lyric works inside your ear, where it can’t be seen from any angle. This positioning utilizes your ear’s own anatomy to deliver natural sound quality, good directional hearing, and reduce ambient sounds such as wind noise.

The benefits of Lyric

100% Invisible — Lyric works inside your ear where it can’t be seen from any angle

Clear, natural sound — Use you ear’s own anatomy to deliver the best possible hearing quality

24/7 hearing — Whether you’re out with friends, meeting with clients, or exercising, you’ll be able to hear what matters most with Lyric. Lyric has exclusive battery technology and moisture protection, so it performs 24/7, for months at a time through daily activities like showering, exercising and sleeping

Experience invisible and hassle-free hearing

The world's first and only 100% invisible hearing device that delivers natural sound!

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No battery changes or daily maintenance

Clear, natural sound

100% invisible

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